Sony’s Jim Ryan Thinks Games That Fully Utilize New Console Hardware Will Come Around 2022

Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO, Jim Ryan, has said that video games that fully take advantage of new console hardware are expected to release around 2022.

Ryan told TASS Russian News Agency that, historically speaking, it’s in the second or third year of a console lifecycle that developers fully grasp and utilize new hardware, and make games that can’t run on the previous generation of consoles.

“History will tell you that it’s in the second or third year that the developers really hit their stride,” said Ryan. “Developers typically need a little bit of time to familiarize themselves. But it’s probably 2022 that you’re going to see some wonderful things in the same way that it was 2015, 2016 for the previous generation, when the generation defining-games started to be published.”

In response to a separate question, Ryan added that the PlayStation 4 community “is going to remain incredibly important” until 2022,” suggesting that he believes 2022 is when we’ll start to see games that aren’t going to be possible on the PS4.

“All history indicates that the initial cohort, from the launch to Christmas, about three quarters will be upgraders from the PS4,” Ryan continued. “And the remaining 25 percent will either come to us from another console, or will come from outside the console ecosystem. So, the great majority of those who buy a PS5 will have a PS4. There are around 114 million PS4s in the world, and the number of those who transfer if you keep that in mind is a small number.”

Ryan previously said that Sony will continue to support cross-gen games for the foreseeable future. However, PS5 versions will be built from the ground up.

[Source: TASS]