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Action-Adventure ANNO: Mutationem Delayed to Q3 2021, Now in Development for PS5 as Well

First announced at China Hero Project 2019, futuristic action-adventure ANNO: Mutationem has been delayed to Q3 2021. The game was originally set for release in December 2020.

Publisher Lightning Games and developer ThinkingStars penned a letter apologizing for the delay, and revealed that ANNO: Mutationem is now in development for the PlayStation 5 as well. According to the companies, delaying the game was a “difficult decision” but they don’t think it’s ready for release yet. The announcement follows weeks of internal discussions.

The letter reads:

Our team wish to express our deepest apologies for having to make you wait a little longer for ANNO: Mutationem. After several weeks of discussion, we decided to postpone the release date of the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 Pro, and PlayStation 5 versions to the third quarter of 2021.

This is a very difficult decision, as we all love the game and cannot wait to get our players’ hands on it, but we don’t want to release the game until we feel it’s ready, we plan to upgrade the overall experience of the game, which means that a large amount of game content must be re-planned and polished. At the same time we will continue to optimize for next-gen.

We apologize to our players who have been looking forward to ANNO: Mutationem. New goals and milestones have been set and we are working hard towards the release! Thanks again for joining us on this awesome journey! Cheers to new beginnings, we wish everyone a happy and healthy new year!

We’ll update our readers when a new release date is announced.

[Source: Lightning Games via Gematsu]