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Ariana Greenblatt Cast as Tiny Tina in the Borderlands Movie

The insanely star-studded Borderlands movie has cast its Tiny Tina. Ariana Greenblatt, known for her roles as young Gamora in Avengers: Infinity War and the co-star of Love and Monsters, will play Borderlands‘ irreverent teen who loves to blow stuff up and look cute while doing it.

Director Eli Roth was overjoyed at getting Greenblatt in the role of Tiny Tina. “Ariana is a spectacular new talent in cinema,” Roth said. “She has already worked with many of my close collaborators and everyone raves about her. She blew us all away in her audition, and I cannot wait to see her bring the wild, insane, and unpredictable Tiny Tina to the big screen. She’s going to blow up on screen like one of Tina’s grenades.”

Greenblatt’s casting follows Jack Black as Claptrap, Jamie Lee Curtis as Tannis, Kevin Hart as Roland, and Cate Blanchett as Lilith. There are still plenty of characters left to cast, and plenty of stars left to join the film. The casting for Vault Hunters Mordecai and Brick has yet to be announced, as well as a number of side characters who we may or may not see, including Scooter, T.K. Baha, Angel, Steele, Dr. Zed, Moxxi, and Marcus. Given the pedigree of the current announcements, expect the rest of the cast to be just as big.

The casting of Tiny Tina calls into some question just where this story may go. Tiny Tina didn’t appear in the first game, first being introduced as a quest-giving NPC in Borderlands 2. This creates some speculation that we could end up seeing Handsome Jack in this film too, if the story skips over or rushes through the events of the first game in order to focus on the more major story developments of Borderlands 2.

The most recent script treatment was written by Craig Mazin (who is also doing The Last of Us HBO series), but there’s no word on when Borderlands may start filming or when it’s set to release. Gearbox’s Randy Pitchford and Take-Two’s Strauss Zelnick are executive producing, ensuring the live-action film remains faithful to the games.

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