Hitman 3 Challenges

Hitman 3’s Next Update Will Fix Challenges and Trophies That Don’t Unlock, Including Those From Chongqing and Mendoza

Hitman 3‘s next update is due to be released on March 30th. While details on its gameplay improvements and bug fixes are mostly a mystery, developer IO Interactive has confirmed they’re “working on fixes for challenges/trophies that don’t unlock” as part of this update.

There have been several challenges that won’t unlock for players even if they meet all of the requirements. The ones that will be getting fixes in the March update include the Discover Mendoza challenge for discovering all areas on that map, the Estate Wines challenge (also in Mendoza) for finding three varieties of wine, and multiple challenges in Chongqing for finding shortcuts. Trophies that got specific mentions were the Dune Raider trophy for discovering all areas in Dubai, the Full House trophy for completing all story missions in Dartmoor, the Future Shock trophy for taking out the targets in Chongqing in specific ways, and the Shortcut Killer trophy for unlocking 15 shortcuts. IO Interactive has already fixed some of the mastery trophies that failed to unlock as part of the February update.

These aren’t the only challenges and trophies that will be getting fixed as IO Interactive mentioned that the above were “amongst others“. Some of the challenges from the two earlier titles are also bugged when played in Hitman 3. These include the Showstopper challenge on Paris and the Cleaning Up challenge on Colorado, both for dispatching targets in specific ways, as well as multiple challenges from the bonus missions included in Hitman Game of the Year Edition.

The March update is part of a whole month of new content, known as Moral Ambiguity. So far there has already been a new Escalation contract for Berlin. On Thursday, March 11,the first set of Featured Contracts in Chongqing will be released. Later in the month players can enjoy more Featured Contracts, another Elusive Target, and the first seasonal event in the form of the Berlin Egg Hunt. Deluxe Edition owners will also receive their final Deluxe Contract. All of this content, including the update, will be released by March 30.

[Source: Twitter]