resident evil village demo

PSA: Resident Evil Village Demo Goes Live on PS5 and PS4 Today, You Can Pre-Download It Now

PlayStation players will be able to pay a visit to Resident Evil Village‘s Castle Dimitrescu this weekend, starting 5 pm PT/8 pm ET tonight. You can prepare yourself in advance by pre-downloading the demo now via the PlayStation Store in your respective region.

To get you in the mood, Capcom has released a new demo trailer (below), which gives players an idea of the horrors that await them. Check it out.

In addition to the above, Capcom took to the PlayStation Blog to offer a comprehensive overview of Castle Dimitrescu. The company wrote:

When you first step into the castle, you may immediately feel the contrast between the decrepit village of the first early access experience to its regal interior. One of the major motifs of this area, and the game in general, was creating environments filled with beauty. When players aren’t running for their lives, we wanted to create a setting that they could enjoy by venturing through and slowly taking in all the sights and scenes. Of course, every picture of beauty hides a face of terror. Players may also find themselves beneath the splendor in an underground prison, tiptoeing past cold cellar bars that offer a sharp juxtaposition to the warmth found up above.

PS5 players will be in for a bigger treat and a more terrifying experience with 3D audio, DualSense’s adaptive triggers, and highly-detailed visuals with features like ray tracing.

Resident Evil Village will release worldwide for the PS5 and PS4, Xbox One and Series X/S, PC, and Stadia on May 7th.