PG 5 PlayStation 5 Colorway is the Latest Sneaker Collaboration With PlayStation and Paul George That You Probably Won’t Be Able to Buy

Paul George and PlayStation are collaborating once again for a limited edition pair of PlayStation 5 sneakers that you’ll probably have a hard time getting your hands on thanks to scalpers taking over sneaker culture. The PG 5 PlayStation 5 Colorway sneakers were designed in collaboration with Paul George and designers at Nike and PlayStation, including Yujin Morisawa, the artist who created the PS5’s console design. The shoes are meant to evoke the unique look of the PS5 and actually hide the PlayStation shapes in a similar way to the DualSense controller. Sales will open in “select regions” on May 14th.

Shoes are big business, so the PG 5 PlayStation 5 Colorway sneakers get their own hype trailer that fits in right alongside the rest of the PS5’s marketing.

Paul George himself offered some of what you can expect when (or if) you get your hands on these sneakers. The right and left tongues feature the PlayStation and PG logos respectively, each in a vibrant blue. PlayStation 5 references and inspirations can be found throughout the shoes’ design, including the sock liner and outsoles. And as mentioned above, the PlayStation shapes are featured in the same subtle pattern that hides them on the DualSense controller. Each pair also includes a special PG x PlayStation hangtag celebrating the ongoing collaboration between the two.

PlayStation is Paul George’s favorite gaming brand, and this isn’t the first time he’s done a collaboration with the console manufacturer for some special gaming shoes. Back in 2018, the basketball star unveiled a special PG-2 PlayStation Colorway that included illumination in the logos on the tongues. There were also a pair that mimicked the classic grey design of the original PlayStation, and still another edition that evoked the modern blue. The new PG 5 PlayStation 5 Colorway seems to do away with the light up logos in the tongues that all of the PG-2 editions had.

If you think the scalping issues for the PS5 consoles are bad, just wait until you try to order the PG 5 PlayStation 5 Colorway sneakers when sales open on May 14th. You can download the Nike SNKRS app or check the Nike website directly for availability if you want to try your hand at snagging a pair. The PG 5 PlayStation 5 Colorway retails at $120, but that’s if you can manage to get them at release. Scalpers will inevitably drive up the resale price by hundreds of dollars once they’re sold out.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]