EA Play Live 2021

EA Play Live is Airing an All-Digital Show on July 22, Won’t be Part of E3 2021

EA Play Live is coming on July 22, 2021 as an all-digital show. At this point, EA has only announced the date and confirmed that it will be a virtual event. It’s unknown what the show will entail, what time it will air, or what games we’ll see.

Being far removed from June, EA Play Live obviously won’t be a part of E3 2021. At this point we don’t know if it will fall under Geoff Keighley’s Summer Game Fest banner either. EA has already taken strides to distance itself from E3 in the past, usually holding its EA Play Live event the weekend preceding E3 in an adjacent space in Los Angeles, but not as part of E3 itself. Without the need to physically gather fans, the press, and other members of the industry together, EA can distance the EA Play Live event even further, putting it more than five weeks after E3 2021 ends.

One of the biggest games expected to be at EA Play Live 2021 is Battlefield 6, though we most likely won’t have to wait until July to see the reveal. It’s already been teased that the next Battlefield game will get unveiled in June, and EA Play Live will probably give us an even deeper dive beyond that reveal. Expect to see EA’s assorted sports franchises get a lot of time in the spotlight, and perhaps an announcement or two for some new EA Originals, especially after the resounding success of Hazelight’s It Takes Two. We’ll probably get some updates about the future of Velan’s dodgebrawler, Knockout City, which will have been out for a couple of months at that point.

EA also has Dragon Age 4, the next Mass Effect, Skate 4, a new Need for Speed, and an unannounced game from Motive all waiting in the wings, but it’s unlikely we’ll get much if any information on all but one or two of these. There will probably be a surprise or two, but EA Play Live hasn’t traditionally had huge reveals in the past, at least when compared to other summer adjacent shows and events.

EA promises additional details to come soon.