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The Weekly Rewind – 05/14/2021

It’s really hard to keep up with all the news that comes out each week, even for a website that prides itself on trying to cover every piece of PlayStation news that is released. With that in mind, we have decided to help everyone out with a little recap of the big news from this week, along with some news that we didn’t get around to cover but that you might be interested in knowing. Here is the weekly rewind.

Lost Judgment Heads to PS5 and PS4 Worldwide This September

The news may have leaked prematurely, but Ryu ga Gotoku Studio and SEGA have now confirmed the upcoming release of Lost Judgment, the action-based sequel to Judgment. Street fighting detective Takayuki Yagami and his ex-yakuza partner Masaharu Kaito return to investigate a mysterious murder where the perpetrator seems to have the perfect alibi. The game will be heading to PS4 and PS5 this September in a simultaneous worldwide release.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade Will Remain Exclusive to PS5 for at Least Six Months

Square Enix published a “final” Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade trailer ahead of launch. Tucked away in the trailer was a statement revealing that the upcoming title is exclusive to the PlayStation 5 for “at least six months” before it appears on “any other format.” Interestingly, Square Enix calls Intergrade a “console exclusive” but the statement suggests that it won’t be appearing on PC within the six-month time frame either.

Report: Sony Now Claims PS5 Supply Shortage Will Continue Into 2022

Sony has reportedly told analysts that PlayStation 5 supply constraints are expected to extend into 2022. The company had previously indicated that supply was “not likely” to increase this year, but according to Bloomberg, analysts have now been told outright that due to demand not subsiding anytime soon, even an increase in supply won’t suffice.

Beyond Good and Evil 2 Still in Development But Won’t be Releasing Anytime Soon

Ubisoft’s financial earnings report has revealed the games currently due to release during the next financial year, as well as reporting a delay for Skull and Bones. However, it also confirmed the games that won’t be released for quite a while yet. One of those titles was Beyond Good and Evil 2, thankfully still in progress despite reports of being stuck in development hell.

PlayStation Studios Has More Than 25 PS5 Games in Active Development, Half are New IP

Get ready for a deluge of great PS5 games to come. PlayStation Studios currently has more than 25 PS5 games in active development, and almost half of them are new IP. PlayStation Studios head Herman Hulst confirmed this number in a new interview with Wired, looking back on the PS5’s first six months on market and what the future of the console holds.

E3 2021 App and Online Portal Detailed, Virtual Booths, Interactive Live Streams, and More

After taking a year off thanks to a worldwide pandemic and myriad other issues, E3 is back for 2021 with an all-digital event that seeks to revamp and shake up the show that people are used to. The E3 2021 app and online portal has finally been unveiled, giving people a glimpse of the virtual booths they’ll be attending. Whether you want to participate from your mobile device of browser, you’ll be able to take part in virtual “booths,” hosted events, video conferencing, profile and avatar creation, online forums, and more, using the app and online portal as the central hub for E3 2021 for the duration of the event.

Now of course, we aren’t perfect by any means, so here are a few stories we didn’t cover that might interest you.

Manifold Garden is heading to PS5 on May 20th, running at native 4K and 60FPS, the game will be a free upgrade to any who own the PS4 version.

Toy Soldiers HD coming August 2021 to PS4, along with other consoles and PC.

Payday 3 is fully funded, coming in 2023.

Sakuna of Rice and Ruin hits it big, 950,000 copies sold to date.