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Far Cry 6 Is Based on Political Events but Ubisoft Insists It’s Not Political

In recent years, the statement “Our game is not political” has become synonymous with Ubisoft releases. The studio has a penchant for seeking inspiration from real-life political events, but ends up insisting that its games has nothing to do with politics.

Speaking to TheGamer, Ubisoft reiterated once again that Far Cry 6 isn’t making a political statement despite the fact that its development team traveled all the way to Cuba to speak to actual guerrilla fighters and draw inspiration from guerilla movements.

Narrative director Navid Khavari said:

The original inspiration was Guerilla Warfare and what is that guerilla fantasy, which is obviously tied to revolution. When you talk about guerillas, you think of the guerillas in the 1950s and 1960s, we actually went down there to speak to actual guerilla fighters who fought back then, and we just really fell in love with their stories. But we also fell in love with the culture and people we met. When we came out of that, it wasn’t that we felt we had to do Cuba, we realized it’s a complicated island and our game doesn’t want to make a political statement about what’s happening in Cuba specifically. Beyond that, we’re drawing inspiration from guerilla movements around the world and throughout history. For us, it felt like doing the island of Yara would help us tell that story while being very open with our politics and inspiration.

Far Cry 6 will release on October 7th. It won’t be making any political statements on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

[Source: TheGamer]