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Report: Dead Space Remake in Development at EA Motive, Rumors of EA Play Live Reveal

EA Motive is reportedly working on a Dead Space Remake, using the original game as a foundation and Capcom’s Resident Evil recent remakes as inspiration for what can be done to revitalize while retaining the classic feel. The report comes by way of GamesBeat’s Jeff Grubb, who says that a brand new Dead Space game is also in the works. Additional evidence points to a reveal coming at EA Play Live later this month.

Grubb says that much the same as Resident Evil 2 remake leaned on the original as a foundation, the Dead Space remake will also respect its origins while giving it fresh modern visuals, some new gameplay mechanics, and more than likely a few surprises along the way. In fact, Grubb says that Capcom’s success with Resident Evil is likely the reason EA is even pursuing reviving its beloved horror franchise, and that Capcom has provided a really effective template to imitate.

Additionally, he says that EA’s own success with Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order has shifted EA’s stance on single-player games, which it was previously veering away from following the commercial failure of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. Given this evidence, its unclear exactly where in development the new Dead Space and Dead Space remake games might be. Though another rumor suggests we could see a reveal at EA Play Live later this month.

It was noted that the Dead Space YouTube account had updated its profile for the first time in more than eight years.

The previous image had featured the Dead Space 3 logo, a game that released back in 2013. Visceral, the studio behind Dead Space, was closed in 2017, leaving hope for a new Dead Space game failing. The recent change shifts the profile image to a more generic Dead Space image of main character Isaac’s helmet, which has many speculating that a reveal is imminent. After all, why update the a page for a long dead game whose last video was added eight years ago unless you are preparing to showcase something new?

With EA Play Live scheduled for July 22nd and sure to showcase a few surprises, it wouldn’t be surprising to see spacefaring horror title return there.

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