Deathloop Gameplay Visionary Aleksis

Deathloop Gameplay Shows The Many Ways Colt Can Take Down a Visionary

The headline act of the latest State of Play presentation from Sony was a nine minute gameplay video from Arkane Studio’s Deathloop.

The video begins in a not-so-positive way, showing just some of the ways Colt can be killed and sent back to the starting point on Blackreef Island to begin his quest all over again—Deathloop’s titular “death loop.” Once you’ve gotten the idea, Arkane then demonstrates how Colt can take on one of the game’s eight visionaries, Aleksis “The Wolf” Dorsey. Those who don’t want to spoil the game for themselves should probably stop reading now.

As this isn’t the first time Colt has taken on the island’s inhabitants, he already knows Aleksis will be giving a speech at a masquerade party drowning in security. Eavesdropping on the conversations of the Eternalists will reveal plenty of hints, including easier ways to get into the party, and there are clues written on many of the game’s environmental objects. As if the mission wasn’t difficult enough, we hear an alert that another player has entered the game as Julianna – will she take him out?

The footage shows the reprise system that allows players to rewind time twice before the loop restarts, as well as some of Colt’s many skills like Karnesis and Shift. We also see Colt find his body and absorb some of the Residium from it; if the loop restarts, this allows him to save his favorite weapons and abilities ready for next time.

While it wasn’t quite as obvious to those just watching the footage, Arkane also reiterated how the DualSense controller’s haptic feedback and adaptive triggers will help each move and weapon to feel different. Deathloop will be exclusive to PlayStation 5 for a year as Microsoft is honoring Bethesda’s existing exclusivity deals with Sony. The game is due to be released on September 14 as a standard edition or a Deluxe Edition. Those who pre-order Deathloop will get the Royal Protector Machete, “Storm Rider” Colt character skin, and a trinket. Joining Arkane Outsiders on the game’s official website will also gift players an “Ever After” Strelak Verso weapon and an “Eternalist” Colt character skin.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]