Jett: The Far Shore – State Of Play Breakdown

Following a flurry of State Of Play announcements during the event on July 9th, we received another glimpse of Jett: The Far Shore for the first time since its announcement almost a year ago.

When we finally get to play Jett: The Far Shore, you will be playing as Mei, an explorer who is tasked with finding a new home for their civilization. The orders given to you are very straight-forward: you must track down the source of the signal that has brought you to this mysterious planet, as well as navigate this environment without bringing further harm to its unique habitat in the process. As Mei,  you will catalogue your findings through your exploration of this strange environment. You will have tools at your disposal such as the resonator, a mechanical grapple, dazzle lights, transport, and much more.

Jett: The Far Shore is full to the brim with intriguing entities that reside on this planet that you are now coinhabiting. Through inspection and experimentation, you will be able to learn how to lure hungry predators to their prey or combine resin with ionic liquid to concoct much-needed explosives. Due to the vastness of this world, there are many creatures to discover on your journey, and various ways in which players can tackle each challenge.

The unique capabilities of the DualSense controller are on full display with this title. In Jett, the haptic feedback and adaptive triggers have been utilized to add an extra layer of immersion for players. The DualSense heightens the nuance of simply walking through different types of terrain, the impact of your aerobatic maneuvers, and crucial gameplay feedback such as the buzz of your scramjets starting to weaken when you push them to their limits.

Gameplay aside, an equally important component is the story itself. As Mei, you will be swept up in a heartfelt journey to establish a new and peaceful home for their people. Producer and designer Randy Smith said:

This carefully-crafted narrative is actually set within an open world that you explore and traverse at your own pace. From scientific problem-solving to surreal psychological excursions to white-knuckle racing against the clock, there’s a feeling of finding yourself at the centre of a distinctive cinematic experience.

Jett: The Far Shore will be making its excursion onto PS5 sometime in 2021.

Source: (PlayStation Blog)