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Digital Foundry’s Initial Testing of Revised PS5 Finds No Difference in Performance Between Launch and New Models

A video published by YouTuber Austin Evans, in which he tested the revised PlayStation 5, created a hoopla when he concluded that the new model is “worse” than the launch model because of a smaller heatsink. Since then, a number of commenters have either disputed Evans’ assessment or outright branded him a Microsoft agent. Meanwhile, the trusty Digital Foundry got its hands on the revised PS5 and has published its initial impressions, much to everyone’s relief.

Let’s cut right to the chase: no, the new PS5 isn’t “worse” than the original model, as we reported yesterday. In fact, Digital Foundry found no noticeable difference in performance between the launch and the revised console.

Richard Leadbetter has been testing the CFI-1100 series with Remedy Entertainment’s Control, noting that even in a heavy area of the game, the new PS5 draws almost the same max power as the launch unit.

“Whether the machine is hotter or not is still to be tested, but logic suggests that if the new cooling assembly was not up to the task, the fan would be increasing in speed and volume to expel the build-up of heat,” Leadbetter wrote. “This does not seem to be happening – and hours on, the power draw is still consistent too.”

Oddly enough, in Evans’ video, there’s a slight reduction in noise in the new console. As Digital Foundry puts it, this contradicts the notion of a “hotter” machine. Leadbetter theorized that the new fan might be doing a better job of expelling hot air.

Digital Foundry has reached out to Sony to quiz the company about the changes, but has concluded based on its initial testing that the revised PS5 “seems to be much the same as the old one in terms of the experience of actually using it and Sony certainly has the confidence to back the new design.”

[Source: Digital Foundry]