Battlefield 2042 Beta Improvements

Someone Has Already Made a Battlefield 2042 Battle Royale Mode Using Battlefield Portal

Battlefield 2042 didn’t launch with a battle royale mode, but fortunately, it did come with Battlefield Portal – a platform with editing tools. And it turns out, it didn’t take long for someone to create an impressive battle royale mode.

As spotted by MP1st, a Battlefield player advertised their creation over on Reddit under the name chbmg. Called Warfield 100, the mode offers 100-player battle royale featuring “a pre-game lobby, parachuting into action, a closing circle, random ground loot, a prison, and a spectator mode.”

“After spending more hours in the rules editor than I care to admit, I’m pleased to announce the creation of a full battle royale experience for Battlefield Portal,” wrote chbmg, while adding that the Portal editor comes with a lot of limitations, and they’re working on fixing numerous bugs.

Below is a list of issues chbmg is planning to fix (reminder: this is the work of one person, so you’ll need to be patient):

  1. Fix the game crashing issue that occurs when leaving the game after the pre-game lobby or after the match is complete

  2. Adjust the logic for the pre-game lobby to give more time for human players to join (this may need to be implemented after some other items since it could affect my ability to quickly test changes, esp. if I change it to wait for more than 1 human to join)

  3. Improve the loot pickup system (thank you for suggestions in the comments!). Specifically, I’ll try using interact, adjusting the timer (so loot pickup is faster), or something else so it’s faster and more consistent

  4. Fix the ‘human players’ counter in the pre-game lobby (this seems to often be stuck at ‘1’ even with multiple people in the game)

  5. Fix a minor loot pickup bug that sometimes occurs when picking up a secondary weapon when you only have a secondary weapon already (for some reason, this sometimes switches you to a knife)

MP1st decided to jump into the action, and produced the video below for our viewing pleasure. Check it out.

[Source: Reddit via MP1st]