dying light 2 update

Techland Asks Dying Light 2 Players to Wait for Day-One Patch as Retail Copies Leak

Dying Light 2: Stay Human will officially launch on Friday, February 4th, but the game has broken street date in some regions, prompting Techland to ask players to wait for a day-one patch before playing. Videos of Dying Light 2‘s first few hours have been circulating online since last weekend and its reviews go live today, but Techland seems more concerned about players experiencing the game without the day-one patch applied.

What does Dying Light 2 update fix?

Techland hasn’t released any patch notes or shared an overview of the patch. Over on Twitter, the developer said that Dying Light 2‘s day-one update includes various improvements and fixes that were implemented over the last few weeks leading up to launch.

Will Dying Light 2 day-one update impact game size?

Without its day-one patch installed, Dying Light 2 weighs 25 GB on the PS5, 35 GB on the Xbox Series X/S, and 51 GB on the PS4. Thanks to Sony’s compression tech, Dying Light 2‘s PS5 version is the lightest. However, Techland has told GameSpot that these numbers are roughly what players should expect before the day-one patch has been applied. It’s unclear if the patch reduces or increases the game’s size.

In other news, PlayStation Store’s Critics’ Choice promotion kicks off today, and Sony plans to launch ten live service games by 2026.