Elden Ring Fias Panties Deathbed Smalls Ban

Fia’s Panties are Getting Elden Ring Players Banned

Elden Ring is full of cut content, and one of the more risque unused items is getting players softbanned. Fia’s panties, the “Deathbed Smalls,” are a cut but completed item that can be spawned into the game and worn as a piece of leg armor. You can enjoy running around in Fia’s underwear to your heart’s content in offline mode. However, online mode includes checks for hacked items which will cause players to have it to be banned.

Why are Fia’s panties getting players banned in Elden Ring?

According to posts on social media, there are players who are dropping the Deathbed Smalls in online mode for others to pick up. Reddit user OK-Communication 7125 says, a player named “pantsu dealer” dropped the panties, and they picked them up without realizing the consequences.

A coupled of days later, they logged in and received this message upon booting the game:

“Warning: Unauthorized tampering with the game has been detected. We have detected unauthorized tampering with the game from your account. If any unauthorized tampering with the game is detected, a quarantine penalty of 180 days will be imposed.”

This “quarantine” is a softban that limits players to being matched only with others that have been softbanned. Quarantined players can still be password summoned, get group password runes, and find messages and bloodstains as normal, so not all online functionality is restricted.

The user contacted support to see if deleting the Deathbed Smalls would be enough to get the quarantine lifted at the 180 day mark. Unfortunately, they were told there were no guarantees unless the entire save file was deleted.

So, be wary of what you’re picking up in Elden Ring. It’s not hard for PC players to mod the panties in, and they can be distributed to players on any platform.

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