Final Fantasy 14

Final Fantasy 14 Free Login Campaign Begins Today for Inactive Members

Every now and again, Final Fantasy 14 tries to tempt inactive players back into the game with free login campaigns and one of those is just starting today, running for a couple of weeks until the end of June 2022. Of course, those who want to continue playing afterward will then need to continue paying for a game membership.

The latest Final Fantasy XIV free login campaign

Final Fantasy 14 Free Login June 2022

The latest Final Fantasy 14 free login campaign is already running, beginning today, June 15. The campaign will run for 15 days and is due to end at 14:59 GMT (04:59 PST) on June 30. Players who have previously purchased the game and whose accounts have been set as inactive for at least 30 days will be eligible for the free login period. Once players have logged in using their Square Enix ID and password, they’ll have four days of free access in real time, not in-game time. For example, a player who logs into the game on June 15 will have free access until 23:59 GMT (15:59 PST) on June 18. After that point, they will need to purchase a subscription to continue playing. You can see the full terms and conditions on the Final Fantasy XIV website.

Players will have access to all areas of the game including patch 6.1 Newfound Adventure. This added Main Scenario quests, a Role quest, dungeon, The Minstrel’s Ballad: Endsinger’s Aria Extreme Trial, Ultima’s Bane Unreal Trial, Myths of the Realm Alliance Raid, Crystalline Conflict PvP content, and other new content. Players will also no longer be logged out if they are inactive for 30 minutes or more.

In other news, some PS Plus Premium members are having problems downloading the PS5 and PS4 versions of Syphon Filter following a licensing clash with the PS3 PSone classic version previously available through the service. Elsewhere, players can now preload Assassin’s Creed Origins ahead of its free-play weekend that begins tomorrow.