how to enable VRR on PS5

How To Enable VRR on PS5 and What It Does

Enabling VRR on PS5 might be a no-brainer for those who have already invested money into a fancy TV or monitor, but for those who haven’t yet made the leap into new display tech, the term “Variable Refresh Rate” can be confusing. And, to be fair, it is quite tough to explain, as it’s a technology that is best off experienced in order to fully understand the advantages. Despite this, here’s how to enable VRR on PS5, what it does, and whether or not it’s worth it for you.

How to enable VRR on PS5

To enable VRR on PS5, users should:

  1. Head to the PS5 Home.
  2. Select”Settings” from the top-right or using the Game Bar.
  3. Choose “Screen and Video.”
  4. Select “Video Output.”
  5. Choose “VRR” and set it to “Automatic.”
  6. VRR will now be enabled on PS5 for supported titles.

Additionally, players can toggle on the “Apply to Unsupported Games” option, which could be worth experimenting with. If it results in poorer performance in a certain game, users can simply head back to this menu and disable it.

What does PS5 VRR do and is it worth it?

PS5 VRR works with supported TVs and monitors to synchronize variable frame rates. This can result in no tearing, fewer stutters, and better responsiveness.

With VRR, games are not beholden to a locked frame rate and can be allowed to fluctuate above and below the usual target. This means games can push high frame rates where possible and low frame rates when required without the usual negative side effects.

Enabling VRR is well worth doing on PS5 for those who own a supported display. It leads to an overall smoother and more responsive experience with fewer ugly tearing issues. When purchasing your next display, look for HDMI 2.1 and VRR support.

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