PS Plus Game TOEM Getting New Region for Free

The black-and-white photography game TOEM, which will be one of several PS Essential games this month, will be getting an expansive update for free. The 2021 game from Something We Made has announced that a new region called Basto will be added soon, acting as post-game content. While the developer says this will be a gift to all players, so it will likely include those on PS5, PC, and Switch, no release date has been revealed for the free patch yet.

TOEM Basto region gives you water balloons and new treasure hunts

Something We Made says that it has been collecting all of the ideas it wanted to fit in the game but couldn’t complete by launch. Described in an official PlayStation blog post as TOEM’s “biggest region yet,” Basto will be automatically unlocked after players finish the base game. Speaking with Nana back in Homelanda will bring you to a new area that features spooky stories, minigames, and the opportunity for treasure hunts. Along with new characters, quests, and critters for the Compendium, this extra content is estimated to run for an extra one to two hours.

The new Basto area will feature day and night changes, and new music tracks from Launchabel Socks & Jamal Green. It will also give the main character the Water Popper attachment that launches water balloons at targets. Plenty of objects in this endgame environment will react to be being splashed. The trailer posted above shows that you can use balloons to hit targets to open doors, blast collectibles spread throughout the islands, and snipe boards in the air at a shooting gallery mini-game.

TOEM joins other games in the PS Plus Essential lineup for September 2022 including Need for Speed Heat for PS4 and Granblue Fantasy: Versus for PS4.

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