PSVR 2 Charging Stations Melting

PSVR 2 Controller Charging Stations are Allegedly Melting Some Sense Controllers

A small number of PSVR 2 players have been reporting a flaw in their controller charging stations that is allegedly melting their Sense controllers. These players have not been able to get in touch with Sony but have been able to return the faulty products to retailers.

How is the PSVR 2 charging station melting Sense controllers?

The controllers are being placed on charge as they normally would be, but some players are claiming they are then returning to find both the controller and charging station damaged. According to photos posted on Reddit, the PSVR 2 Sense controller and charging stations appear to be either overheating or shorting during the charging process, leading to the two items melting into each other.


Reddit user u/toystory2wasokay_, who posted the above photo, said that he had been unable to reach Sony’s own PlayStation support but was able to return the faulty items to the retailer from which he purchased them. As the Sense controllers can’t be purchased separately, this meant returning the entire PSVR 2 unit. In the meantime, some players are now charging their Sense controllers with the USB-C cables that were provided alongside the PS5 DualSense controllers, or are using third-party chargers.

We have reached out to Sony for comment on the issue, but they are yet to reply at the time of writing.