Metal Gear Solid 3 Remake

Metal Gear Solid 3 Remake Will Release in 2024 – Report

The oft-rumored Metal Gear Solid 3 remake by Konami reportedly has a release date of 2024. This is according to Andy Robinson, the owner and editor of Video Game Chronicles, responding to a question from a fan who wanted to know if Konami would still hold some kind of MGS event even if E3 2023 is canceled. Robinson previously stated in a podcast in February that Konami had plans to announce both this MGS3 remake and a new Castlevania game at E3 2023.

Other Metal Gear Solid re-releases are apparently in the works

In addition, through a tweet shared earlier today, Robinson says there’s “still talk” from Konami that it has plans to have some kind of MGS re-releases. All of these Metal Gear Solid announcements were allegedly meant to coincide with a marketing plan focused around E3 2023.

Fears that Konami would not announce the MGS3 Remake, which could be headed by Chinese developer Virtuos, at E3 2023 as planned comes off the heels of news that Ubisoft has canceled its E3 appearance. This has led Robinson to postulate that E3 could be “called off this week,” which would scrap a lot of plans that many attending developers have already made.

At any rate, he believes that Konami will be fine regardless and that an event will likely “crop up somewhere.” This could be a physical event and/or a digital event similar to the Silent Hill digital showcase held in October 2022.