New PS Plus Essential Games

New PS Plus Essential Games for April 2023 Are Now Available

The PS Plus April 2023 Essential games have started rolling out ready for subscribers to download, install, and start playing. No matter which PS Plus tier you’re subscribed to — be it Essential, Extra, or Premium — the latest PS Plus games are available to you.

PS Plus April 2023’s Essential games are rolling out

At the time of publishing, Meet Your Maker (PS5/PS4), Sackboy: A Big Adventure (PS5/PS4), and Tails of Iron (PS5/PS4) are now available in the UK, European, Australian, Asian, and Indian PlayStation Stores. US subscribers may need to wait a little longer before the games appear for “Free.”

It’s important to remember to wait for the new PS Plus games to show up as “Free.” If they still have a price attached, downloading them can result in you being charged. Chasing down a refund is something that is best avoided, so try to be patient and confirm the games are indeed free before downloading.

Not only is Sackboy: A Big Adventure now available through PS Plus, but it also has a ton of free add-ons that players can also download.

Look out for more Koei Tecmo games coming to PS Plus, as the publisher has recently expressed interest in the service.