Redfall PS5 was cancelled

Sony Mentions Redfall PS5 Drama in Arguments Against Microsoft Activision Deal

We saw this one coming. Sony officially brought up Redfall PS5 cancellation drama in its arguments against the Microsoft Activision deal. A day ago, U.K.’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) published an updated filing from Sony, in which the company expressed its shock and disbelief at the regulator siding with Microsoft.

Sony’s statement on Redfall PS5 cancellation

Arkane Studios’ Harvey Smith put himself and Microsoft in an awkward position when he casually revealed in an interview that a PS5 version of Redfall was in development, and despite a lot of work having gone into it, Microsoft canned the PS5 version as soon as it acquired Bethesda.

“Like Call of Duty, Redfall is a first-person shooter game that features both single player and cooperative multiplayer modes,” Sony argued. “This experience provides further compelling evidence of Microsoft’s ability and incentives to foreclose rivals to acquired games, together with its likely conduct post transaction with respect to Call of Duty.”

Microsoft, who’s presumably pretty unhappy with Smith’s interview right now, scrambled to respond when initially quizzed about Redfall. The company regurgitated its past statements, arguing that it didn’t “pull” anything from PlayStation. Microsoft refrained from directly addressing Smith’s comments.

The CMA will make its final decision about the Microsoft Activision deal this month.