Spider-Man 2 Release Date Suicide Delay

Spider-Man 2 Release Date Could Have Caused Suicide Squad Delay

The Spider-Man 2 release date could have been one of the reasons behind the significant Suicide Squad delay announced yesterday, April 13. This speculation comes from Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier, who not only revealed that Spider-Man 2 would apparently release in September 2023, but agreed that Suicide Squad may have been pushed out of the holiday season this year to avoid competing with other game releases.

There are likely many reasons for the Suicide Squad delay

Schreier responded to a fan who thought this extensive delay could have been due to a game with a November or December release date, given that February 2024 is a particularly interesting month for Suicide Squad to be pushed to. In a tweet, Schreier speculates that “Spider-Man 2 in September could be factor, too.”

As we reported yesterday, Rocksteady Studios delayed Suicide Squad nine months from its May 2023 release window to the new release date of February 2, 2024. The developer stated that this “tough but necessary decision” has been made in order to polish the game.

That said, it’s presumed that another reason for the delay is due to the relatively poor to mixed reactions to Suicide Squad, particularly during the PlayStation State of Play back in February this year. There’s even a rumor from Window Central’s Jaz Corden that Rocksteady is working to remove the always online component of the game.