Rumors of PS5 Pro continue to swirl

PS5 Pro ‘100% in Development,’ Insider Insists

Insider Tom Henderson claims that he can say with “100 percent certainty” that PS5 Pro is in development. The rumor has been debated in gaming circles, with some people of the view that it doesn’t make sense for Sony to release a mid-gen upgrade this time around, especially considering the standard PS5 has only just become widely available.

PS5 with detachable disc drive will reportedly release before PS5 Pro

Henderson, who has a pretty good track record of leaking Sony’s hardware and accessories, claims that a PS5 with a detachable disc drive will release before PS5 Pro. The former is expected to release later this year and the latter is expected to release by the end of 2024.

Writing for Insider Gaming, Henderson said that contrary to popular belief, the PS5 with a detachable disc drive is not a PS5 Slim. It looks like this generation of consoles may not see any slimmer iterations.

As far as the PS5 Pro is concerned, Henderson claims that the first batch of dev kits will make their way to Sony’s first-party developers within the next couple of months, and third-party developers will get their hands on them by the end of 2023.

Sony also reportedly has a handheld remote play device, code-named Q Lite, in development.