The Callisto Protocol DLC Brings New Weapon, Hybrid Enemies

The Callisto Protocol Story DLC Brings New Weapon, Cyborg Enemies

The Callisto Protocol story DLC titled Final Transmission recently got a short teaser trailer revealing its June 27 release date, but it was rather vague. Striking Distance Studios has now opened up more about the expansion and what players can expect in this finale.

Final Transmission will give players a new melee weapon

Final Transmission will give players a new melee weapon

Striking Distance Studios took to the PlayStation Blog to speak more about Final Transmission. Lead systems designer Paul Guirao started out by saying that the team had listened to feedback and decided to give players a powerful new melee tool. It’s briefly shown in the aforementioned teaser, and it’s called the Kinetic Hammer. Aside from the normal light and heavy melee attacks, players can hold down the melee button to charge up a more powerful strike. Guirao notes that the heavy charged attack is “tricky,” but mastering it can give players an upper hand since it “obliterates everything it touches.”

This hammer will likely be a valuable tool when going up against Final Transmission’s new enemy, the Biophage Robot. It, as the title implies, is a fusion of the Biophage and the security robots. Guirao said players have to use different tactics to bludgeon these robots, but didn’t go into specifics. He also stated that the final boss was “special” and was meant to showcase the power of the Kinetic Hammer, but didn’t give more details for obvious reasons.

Guirao noted two different times that the team had incorporated feedback into Final Transmission. One piece of feedback was around the aforementioned hammer, and the other was about how all the “NPCs felt the same.” It remains to be seen how much more of Final Transmission has been shaped by the divisive reviews of the base game.

This is the first (and last) narrative-based expansion for The Callisto Protocol; all of its other pieces of DLC have been cosmetics or new modes. The Outer Way Skin Collection added new suits and weapon skins; the Contagion Bundle included the super hard Contagion Mode difficulty and more death animations; and the Riot Bundle implemented a wave-based survival mode, 11 new execution animations, and a new set of armor.

The Callisto Protocol also received plenty of free support, too. Its numerous updates added such features as Hardcore Mode, New Game Plus, Dismemberment Mode, the ability to skip cutscenes and death animations, and multiple combat optimizations.