The Last of Us Nintendo Switch clone

Poor The Last of Us Clone Pops Up in Nintendo eShop

A rather poor clone of Naughty Dog‘s The Last of Us has turned up in the Nintendo eShop. A product of VG Games, The Last Hope – Dead Zone Survival launched on Nintendo’s UK store for £8.99 and is currently discounted to £0.99 less than a week after launch.

The Last of Us clone tasks players to “save an innocent girl from reckless zombies”

The Last Hope’s official description is quite amusing (thanks, TheGamer). The game boasts a “captivating plot” that tasks players with saving an unnamed “girl” from zombies. We’re assuming the devs wanted to play it safe by not naming the characters similar to TLOU because that would really make it obvious where they borrowed the idea of The Last Hope from.

Jokes aside, The Last Hope’s description also promises “immersive” graphics and “engaging” gameplay mechanics. Let’s see what that looks like…

“The game’s immersive atmosphere is enhanced by its detailed visuals,” writes VG Games. I’m personally more offended by the loading screens than the description.

On a serious note, Nintendo is a pretty litigious organization known for shutting down anything it remotely considers copyright infringement in no time. It remains to be seen if it’ll be as quick at shutting down this clone.

Last August, Microsoft quickly removed a hilarious God of War clone that was released on Xbox.