PlayStation patent could be looking to revolutionize PS5 Game Help feature

PlayStation Testing System for Game ‘Experts’ to Help Players in Real Time, Patent Suggests

The PS5 comes with a handy Game Help feature but a newly-published patent reveals that Sony’s still tinkering with ideas when it comes to delivering PlayStation players some in-game assistance.

PS5 Game Help is currently restricted to PS Plus members

PS5’s Game Help is a PS Plus exclusive feature that isn’t supported by all games. The patent in question, spotted by SegmentNext, mentions connecting players with “experts” in real-time. Once help is summoned, both a player’s and an available expert’s consoles would establish a communication session so that the latter can assist with getting the player out of a “frustrating” situation.

“With higher processing power video games are becoming more complex and expansive,” reads the filing dated February 2023 (published July 6). “With the increasing complexity, users may find it increasingly difficult to navigate through and/or complete the video game.”

Sony claims that players sometimes end up reaching a point that is “seemingly impossible to navigate through or solve,” resulting in them becoming frustrated and quitting the game.

This isn’t the first time Sony has patented a system for PlayStation game help. The company filed an application for AI-based game help in 2021 that would guide “inexperienced” players out of tricky situations.