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Sony Made PS5 Game Help Feature Because Research Found That ‘Majority’ of Players Seek Help With Games

Sony Interactive Entertainment’s Director of Platform Planning & Management, Adil Sherwani, has revealed that the company came up with PlayStation 5’s Game Help feature after its research found that “majority” of players sought help with their games.

The research was conducted during PS5’s development, and further found that almost half of PlayStation players get stuck in a game on a weekly basis, and more than half of the respondents complained that they either spend too much time looking for solutions or end up running into spoilers when seeking help.

“This feedback really resonated with us, so we went to work to create a feature for players that provides them with an easy way to get hints on the specific parts of the game they are playing, without spoilers or spending a lot of time searching for tips on the internet,” wrote Sherwani. “We worked closely with game developers to create this feature, and also incorporated key feedback from our user testing research.”

According to Sony’s data, players mostly seek help with solving puzzles. The Game Help feature was apparently put to good use by those playing Astro’s Playroom and Maquette.

“We also see players seeking help when they get lost in a game, so videos that guide players where to go are very popular,” Sherwani added. “Also, if they take a break for a couple of days in between their game play sessions, they may check Game Help when resuming their game session to get reoriented with the game.”

Have our readers used Game Help at all?

[Source: PlayStation Blog]