Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty: Battle of Zhongyuan DLC Review: Pushing Forward, Then Retreating

Wo Long Roadmap Announces Nioh Crossover, More Updates Planned

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is receiving two more expansions later this year. But that’s not all, as Team Ninja has revealed a more detailed Wo Long roadmap that goes into its upcoming slew of updates, Nioh crossover, and more.

The Wo Long roadmap stretches until December

Wo Long Roadmap Announces Nioh Crossover, More Updates Planned

The above picture can be found in a post on the game’s website. Director Masakazu Hirayama noted that the team wanted to improve the game every month, which is reflected in the roadmap itself. Team Ninja is also focusing on two goals for these patches: “expanding the scope of strategy with a focus on action and RPG” and “improving the ease of playability.”

The next update in August is adding another boss rush mission, the first of which was added in May, and will focuses on foes not in that first part. This mission will come alongside nebulous improvements and balance changes.

September is going to be much more eventful, as that is when Conqueror of Jiangdong, its second piece of DLC, is coming out. It’ll have new endgame content that can be “played repeatedly based on different ‘strategy’” and will be further expanded upon in the third expansion.

Team Ninja is also aiming to overhaul the weapons and amplify their unique qualities, which will include changes to Spirit (stamina) usage, Martial Arts (special moves), changing the timing of cancels, and buffing some of the unpopular weapons. The user interface is also seeing some adjustments, but those were not detailed. The previously revealed Lies of P crossover is also dropping in September, which is when that Bloodborne-like soulslike is launching, with a free spell.

And while October only features a few vague changes, November is when Wo Long is holding its Nioh crossover (alongside more balance tweaks). It’s unclear exactly what these crossovers will hold, but Hirayama explained that the content it is considering will be different from the stuff seen in the Naraka: Bladepoint crossover, which included armor sets from the multiplayer action game. Nioh was Team Ninja’s previous soulslike series that started in 2017 and has a lot in common with Wo Long, including its focus on the mythology of an Asian country and general gameplay tempo.

December welcomes in its third and likely final expansion called Upheaval in Jiangxiang. This, like the other pieces of DLC, will bring in a new weapon, difficulty, story, Divine Beast, gear, rarity level, endgame content, and more. There will also be another free spell and balance changes.

This tail of support is about in line for what Team Ninja did for both Nioh games, as both received three paid expansions and multiple free updates.