Marvel's Spider-Man 2 PS5

Spider-Man 2 Players May Encounter the Other Spidey Fighting Crime

Insomniac Games has revealed a nifty little feature in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 PS5 that allows players to bump into the other Spider-Man while swinging around the game’s world. As previously confirmed, players will be able to instantly switch between Peter and Miles, and depending on who they’re playing, they may encounter the other fighting crime in the streets of New York.

Peter and Miles don’t simply disappear after switching in Spider-Man 2 PS5

Insomniac Games’ associate animation director James Ham revealed the feature during an interview with Gamertag Radio. He added that when players see the other Spidey busy keeping the streets of NY crime-free, they will be able to join them and lend a hand!

The opposite is also possible i.e. the Spidey we aren’t playing will randomly join us while we fight criminals. Insomniac recons this is a “cool” way for players to experience both characters.

From the sound of things, Spider-Man 2 will be incredibly detailed. Insomniac Games previously confirmed that not only will players be able to switch between Peter and Miles “almost” instantly, they will also be able to fast-travel seamlessly with very little downtime.

Speaking of fast-traveling, players will be able to catapult themself to a given location by using the webs as a slingshot.