Spider-Man 2 Actor Wants People to Get Over Peter Parker's New Face

Spider-Man 2 Actor Wants People to Get Over Peter Parker’s New Face

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 actor Yuri Lowenthal has had it with players complaining about Peter Parker’s (now-not-so) new face. The character was recast while remastering Spider-Man PS4, which ended up being quite an unpopular change.

Yuri Lowenthal on his performance as Peter Parker in Spider-Man 2

Speaking to ComicBook.com, Lowenthal said that the new visual didn’t impact his performance, and he personally wouldn’t have cared if his character looked like a “goblin” instead. While he understood why the change didn’t go down well with some fans, Lowenthal says it’s time to move on.

“The one positive thing I take away from this experience is that people connected emotionally so hard and so deeply in the first game that they’re mad when they feel that person changes,” Lowenthal said. “I can only be so mad about that because it worked, not the change thing, but you connected with the character which is great. Now, get over it!”

Lowenthal previously told ComingSoon.net that his character’s visual is just one piece of the puzzle. While seeing what his character looks like does somewhat influence how he performs, there’s a lot more to it than that. “So I think that visual part is an important part to creating the character, but it’s only one piece, and one piece that I sometimes don’t get,” Lowenthal said.