God of War Ragnarok DLC or Expansion Reportedly in the Works

God of War Ragnarok Expansion Hinted at by Another Known Insider

A known insider has added some weight to rumors of Santa Monica Studio working on God of War Ragnarok DLC or an expansion of sorts. Speculations of a Ragnarok-related release have been making rounds since March when Tyr voice actor Ben Prendergast teased another appearance of his character.

Santa Monica Studio previously hinted that it has no plans for God of War Ragnarok sequel, DLC, or expansion

In August, insider The Snitch (not to be confused with the original Snitch, who had an impeccable record) claimed that Ragnarok’s DLC is in the works and is about 60% through development. Many dismissed the claim, but now ViewerAnon — mostly known for their credible movie leaks — has hinted that Ragnarok is indeed getting some sort of an expansion.

In response to a tweet discussing the future of game development and standalone expansions à la Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, ViewerAnon suggested that we’ll see more “half sequels” going forward to fill in the gaps between major releases, and referenced God of War Ragnarok.

We now have three instances where a Ragnarok expansion was hinted at, but as always, take all rumors with a grain of salt. Santa Monica Studio has previously dismissed suggestions of a sequel or DLC.