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Konami Potentially Reveals More Silent Hill Remakes Are in the Works

A Konami earnings report may have let slip the existence of multiple Silent Hill remakes beyond Bloober Team’s Silent Hill 2.

More Silent Hill remakes on the cards?

VGC discovered the tidbit during Konami’s update on its upcoming slate of projects where it puts ”Silent Hill remakes” rather than singling out Silent Hill 2, which is currently the only known previous series entry in development.

In the update, the quote on future projects, including Metal Gear Solid and Silent Hill below could be a mistake, but given how little we knew of the various Silent Hill projects until last year, it’s not impossible to believe more remakes could be on the way.

“As for ongoing efforts, we are working diligently on Metal Gear Solid Δ: Snake Eater, which faithfully recreates the story, characters, and game design of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, one of the most beloved entries in the Metal Gear series, and updates its graphical style to modern graphics for the current generation, as well as remakes and completely new entries in the Silent Hill series, which gained popularity as a psychological horror game.”

As it stands, the only remake is Silent Hill 2 by Polish studio Bloober Team, while new entries such as NoCode’s Silent Hill Townfall, 1960s Japan-set Silent Hill: F, and the controversial interactive streaming series Silent Hill: Ascension is also on the cards. More games are said to be in the works.

Few of the Silent Hill games are readily available to the public, especially on multiple formats, so it wouldn’t be too surprising for Konami to have other entries remade, or even released as a Master Collection, much like the recent Metal Gear Solid Master Collection Vol. 1.

The re-emergence of Silent Hill after a painful period in the wilderness hasn’t been smooth so far, with concerns over Silent Hill 2’s developer despite reassurances, a lack of information in the past year about any Silent Hill projects, and the already poor reception for Silent Hill: Ascension not getting the revival off on the right foot.