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Christmas Massacre Bringing Festive Slasher Action to PS4 & PS5 This Month

Indie horror developer Puppet Combo is bringing murderous festive action to PlayStation later this month with the PS4 and PS5 release of Christmas Massacre.

Slashing through the snow

The game’s official description and story details are featured below. It’s set to release on PlayStation consoles on November 17, 2023, for the price of $11.99.

Brace yourself for a blood-soaked holiday like no other as renowned horror developer Puppet Combo (Stay Out of the House, Nun Massacre) invites console gamers to embark on a demented journey in Christmas Massacre. Fans of Hotline Miami and Manhunt are in for a treat with this reverse horror experience, putting you in the shoes of the assailant.

In 1959, on a fateful December 25th, young Larry’s hopes of attending the Christmas party at his Catholic school are dashed by the head nun’s refusal. Consumed by rage, he takes up a knife and embarks on a brutal spree, leaving behind a trail of carnage and a wounded nun.

Fast forward 20 years to December 23, 1979. Larry, now living alone, decorates his home for Christmas. It is at this point that his Christmas tree comes to life, commanding Larry to exact vengeance upon the naughty. Larry dons a sinister Santa costume and, with his trusty van, sets out on a merciless mission to avenge his past. As the body count rises, Larry’s sanity teeters on the brink, leaving players to question the reality of his actions and the eerie guidance of his bloodthirsty Christmas tree.

How into Christmas Massacre you’ll be can probably be determined by your reaction to the list of features.

  • Multiple masks and costumes
  • Arcade style stealth
  • Drenched with gore
  • First and third-person camera options
  • Crusty PS1-style graphics

So, if that sounds like a great way to spend Christmas (does to me, at least), then Christmas Massacre should be a festive treat.