PS5 system software update

PS5 System Update 23.02-08.20.02 Released

Sony Interactive Entertainment has rolled out a new PS5 system software update today, bringing the firmware version to 23.02-08.20.02. It’s a minor update weighing 850 MB and doesn’t come with any elaborate patch notes.

PS5 system update for November 8, 2023 is all about “system performance”

The official notice on PlayStation’s website states that today’s firmware update “improves system performance.” Players noticed earlier today that the PS5 has new shutdown and sleep screen animations. However, this change was originally reported on Reddit prior to the system update going live so it had nothing to do with the new firmware.

The new shutdown screen seemingly reflects the new PS5 Slim model with a silhouette of a vertical console that has full-length LEDs. The new iteration of PS5 is set to replace the original model.

Sony rolls out minor PS5 features without the need for a full firmware update. Simply navigate to the system update menu and you’ll find the option to update “system features.” Once the new features are installed, restart your console for them to take effect. Sony recently added the ability to update games directly from the PS5 console library, which fans only noticed after running a feature update.