PS Plus Premium Classics

More Upcoming PS Plus Premium Classics Have Leaked

Three more PS Plus Premium Disney classics have leaked ahead of time. Sony has yet to make an announcement, but Taiwan’s rating board — which first outed Disney/Pixar’s Up — is busy publishing PS5 and PS4 listings for games from days of yore.

List of unannounced Disney classics rated for PS Plus Premium thus far

The following games are expected to land on PS Plus Premium in the near future (thanks, Gematsu):

  • Buzz Lightyear of Star Command (PS1)
  • Thrillville (PSP)
  • Thrillville: Off the Rails (PSP)

The Thrillville games were also originally released on the PS2, but it looks like Sony’s going with the PSP versions for PS Plus. As for when these games will be added to the service, Sony doesn’t have a set pattern, so it’s hard to say. Some of the games that were rated last year only made their way to PS Plus Premium this year, while others — like Insomniac Games’ Resistance Retribution (PSP) — have been rated but have yet to be released on the service.

That said, Disney’s Up was only rated a week ago and was announced as part of November 2023’s lineup yesterday, which suggests that the wait for the newly leaked classics might not be too long.