Lawsuit Against Sony's 'Excessive' PS Store Prices to Go Ahead in UK

Lawsuit Against Sony’s ‘Excessive’ PS Store Prices to Go Ahead in UK

U.K.’s competition court has ruled that a lawsuit brought against Sony Interactive Entertainment over its “excessive” PS Store prices can proceed. A similar lawsuit was dismissed in the U.S. last year, but the Competition Appeal Tribunal across the pond has said that the £5 billion claim can go ahead.

The claim against PS Store prices explained

Both the lawsuit dismissed in the U.S. and the one filed in the U.K. by consumer rights activist Alex Neill claim that Sony pulled game codes from sale via retailers in order to sell directly to customers via the PS Store. The lawsuit claims that Sony now has a monopoly over the prices and has been charging exorbitantly for games.

Yesterday’s ruling doesn’t impact the outcome of the lawsuit but is a win for the plaintiff in that Sony now has to defend itself against the claims in court. The company had argued for the case to be dismissed outright.

“This is the first step in ensuring consumers get back what they’re owed as a result of Sony

breaking the law,” Neill said in a press release. “PlayStation gamers’ loyalty has been taken advantage of by Sony who have been charging them excessive prices for years.”