Could PS6 CPU be ARM-based?

PS6 Might Have ARM CPU, Sony Job Ad Suggests

A new Sony Interactive Entertainment job advertisement has some fans convinced that PS6 CPU will likely be ARM-based. The job is for system software development, and will task the incumbent with ensuring that games and programs are compatible across different architectures.

Is Sony considering switching CPU architecture for the PS6?

ARM processors have seen rapid advancement, with major companies including Microsoft and Apple opting for custom ARM-based chips. In fact, there have been rumblings that the next Xbox will be switching from x86 to ARM.

During last year’s court showdown between Microsoft and the U.S. Federal Trade Commission over the Activision Blizzard deal, a number of internal documents ended up leaking. One of those documents was a Microsoft presentation which suggested that the company is entertaining the idea of building a next-gen system based on ARM architecture.

Earlier today, a ResetEra user found the aforementioned Sony job ad, a translation of which reveals that the company is looking for someone who is familiar with “recent major CPU architectures.” “Develop systems to enable programs developed for our entertainment game consoles to run on game consoles with different architectures,” the description reads. “Specifically, we will enable a large number of game titles developed for PlayStation to run on the new architecture system.”

We’re merely speculating right now, but we wouldn’t be surprised if PS6 does make the switch to ARM.