PS5 Hours Played tracker

PSN Adjusted PS5 ‘Hours Played’ Tracker But It’s Still Busted

A PlayStation Network update yesterday seems to have adjusted the PS5 ‘Hours Played’ tracker, but the update has ended up breaking the counter more than fixing it. A large number of users have reported that while their number of hours played are now displaying correctly in some games, they have significantly dropped in others.

PS5 Hours Played counter has been broken since launch

PSN’s Hours Played counter isn’t exactly a crucial feature, but for some reason, Sony insists on having it. As we’ve reported previously, despite its own insistence on having a tracker, Sony hasn’t managed to fix it and it remains busted to date.

Numerous threads popped up on Reddit last night, with players noting that they lost hundreds and even thousands of hours played in some games, while other games now show a more accurate play time. Users on PSNProfiles also reported the issue, with some noting that their play time is now all over the place.

PS5 hasn’t received a system software update in May, so this seems to be a server-side change on PSN’s end. But we don’t know if Sony is actually attempting to fix the tracker or it’s simply bugging out as it often does.