Kojima Promises Zone of The Enders 3

October 20, 2009Written by Cameron Teague


Fans of the series have been clamoring for more Zone of the Enders ever since the 2nd game released back in 2003. Hideo Kojima hears the cried from devout fans and is wanting to deliver on that request.

On his own personal blog, Hideo Kojima has recently promised that Zone of the Enders will continue.

“I cannot make a promise about time. However, I can promise a sequel.”

He then went on to explain the error on his part that lead to the failure of Zone of the Enders 2: The Second Runner.

“Everything was due to an error by me.”
“At that time, if I hadn’t made a mistake with the release date, [Zone of the Enders] might have ended up a major Kojima Productions title to follow MGS, still seeing development as a series,”

Though it would have been nice to know a rough estimate on when we might see the game it is still great to hear that it will get done, hopefully quelling some of the angst fans of the series have had. As always, stay connected to PlayStation LifeStyle as more news on this becomes available.