Evidence Regarding Resistance 3 Setting Revealed

July 22, 2010Written by Zak Islam

Although Ted Price may have been present during Sony’s E3 press conference, sadly, nothing was announced from his company, Insomniac Games – most notably a new Resistance title. There hasn’t even been any chatter in regards to a new Resistance game since the infamous Resistance 3 billboard appeared. However, if a new retailer listing is to be believed, Resistance 3’s reveal is indeed imminent. The listing may have also revealed a setting in which the “final stand” against the Chimera will take place.

Online retailer eStarland, as spotted by Examiner, has listed Resistance 3 for a March 24th, 2011 release. The retailer also provided a brief description of the third iteration in Insomniac’s Resistance series:

“Continue the fight against the Chimera invasion in Resistance 3, as the battle moves to New York City and humanity makes its final stand.”

In addition to the game’s description, eStarland also outed a box art for Resistance 3. The logo which is present on the box art was also seen on the billboard (seen above).

Sure, this should all be considered a rumor, however, the online retailers’ description contains a hint that their description for the game is indeed real. In the past, Insomniac has used the “A” in Resistance’s titles to display a landmark from a location present within the game. The original Resistance: Fall of Man, meanwhile, featured London’s Big Ben, with Resistance 2 featuring San Francisco’s Bay Bridge. Resistance: Retribution for the PSP displayed Paris’ Eiffel Tower.

The billboard for Resistance 3 gives a vague clue on the plot of the game. For Resistance 3, the A in the billboard clearly illustrates the Statue of Liberty, indicating New York City will be the game’s primary setting. As seen by the description by the retailer – stating the game’s location is set in New York – and Insomniac’s pattern of game locations told via Resistance’s box art, you can’t help but believe this retailer is correct.

Judging by the billboard decorated with “Resistance 3” spotted on a Shreveport, Louisiana, film set, speculation was immediately sparked that yet another installment was on the horizon in Insomniac’s first-person shooter franchise. The billboard will be featured in a movie entitled Battle: Los Angeles, which is currently penned for a February 2011 release. Should the movie‚Äôs release period be true, it could very well be indicating that Resistance 3 will see a release during the same time – making the online retailer’s March release date seem all that more likely.