MGS: Rising Can be Completed Without Killing Anyone

August 20, 2010Written by Zak Islam

The concept in most Metal Gear Solid games is primarily to reach your objective or complete a mission without being spotted, thus not having to resort to violent measures to infiltrate. The next Metal Gear Solid title Metal Gear Solid: Rising, according to the game’s producer, can be completed via a no-kill playthrough.

Metal Gear Solid: Rising producer Shigenobu Matsuyama told Kotaku:

“I believe that MGS has a key stealth element in not trying to kill anyone. You could actually have a no-kill completion [in Rising]. There will be a lot of mechs and cyborgs, but if you slice them up, that will be considered as a no-kill as well. You’ll have the freedom of killing humans, of course, but you can proceed through the game without killing a human being, but slicing up mechs and cyborgs.”

A lot of emphasis has been put on Metal Gear Solid: Rising’s killing techniques, such as the precision of cutting an enemy in half. So that’s what makes Rising special, right? Not according the Matsuyama:

“I will put the essence of the beauty of the no-kill. I want to emphasize that I will never reward a player for killing human beings in the game. I won’t make it easier to clear the game [that way]. I will probably make it more difficult.”

So, there you have it, folks. The game’s protagonist, Raiden, isn’t supposed to kill anyone. Metal Gear Solid: Rising is going to be released sometime next year. For more information and a general idea of what Rising will offer, check out our E3 Konami press conference MGS: Rising information article.