Get the Details of Gravity Rush with Video Interview

September 13, 2011Written by Cameron Teague

Keiichiro Toyama, director of the upcoming Gravity Rush for the PlayStation Vita, recently took time to talk with PlayStation Hong Kong to detail the gravity-based title. In the video he talks about the story and game actions you can expect in Gravity Rush.

In the interview, Toyama states:

Hekesville is being attacked by Gravity Storm and is under the threat of a real crisis. This story tells of the protagonist, a girl named Gravity Kitten, rescuing the people from the threat of the Gravity Storm. She has lost her memory in the beginning of the game and does not possess any special ability.

The story goes on as she encounters the mysterious black cat and obtains the ability to manipulate gravity and that is how she embarks on an adventure to rescue the people attacked by Gravity Storm.

Monsters in the game are called Nevi, and players must strike at their core to kill them, with the biggest feature of the game being Gravity Change, which Toyama details below.

First you have to press R button to put your character into a zero-G state, floating in mid-air. Tilt your PlayStation Vita to control the camera angle. Face your desired direction and press R button again. The direction will become the ground and your character will fall towards it. Repeating this action will allow you to roam the sky freely.

Enjoy the full interview below and for those just wanting to watch gameplay, it starts at the 3:52 mark.