Resogun Trophy Guide

November 21, 2013Written by Richard Duflo


Welcome to PlayStation LifeStyle‘s trophy guide for Resogun! The PlayStation 4 is finally here and with comes Resogun if you have PS+. This twin stick shooter is the “spiritual successor” to Super Stardust HD, so if you’ve ever played that you should have a good idea of how this game plays and how the trophies are. There are a few trophies that can be a bit challenging but they aren’t impossible, they will require multiple attempts but as long as you stay patient you’ll have this Plat in no time.

I came, I saw, I blew stuff up – Platinum

– Get all trophies

Follow this guide!

Conqueror – Silver

– Complete all levels

See the trophy The true RESOGUN starts here… for more details.

You have completed basic training! – Bronze

– Complete all levels on Rookie difficulty

See the trophy The true RESOGUN starts here… for more details.

Carry on, nothing to see here – Silver

– Complete all levels on Experienced difficulty

See the trophy The true RESOGUN starts here… for more details.

The true RESOGUN starts here… – Gold

– Complete all levels on Veteran difficulty

There are 5 levels you need to complete. The difficulty trophies stack so beating all the missions on a higher difficulty will unlock lower difficulty related trophies. Veteran can be hard and a little overwhelming at times, the enemies are stronger and have different attacks. Along with bombs and the overdrive, make sure to make use of the boost. Boost is very valuable as it can get you out of a tight spot and destroy enemies at the same time.

Elected official – Bronze

– Complete Acis

See Cool trophy! for more details.

Certified electrician – Bronze

– Complete Ceres

See Cool trophy! for more details.

Store no more – Silver

– Complete Decima

See Cool trophy! for more details.

Winter is not coming – Silver

– Complete Febris

See Cool trophy! for more details.

Cool trophy! – Gold

– Complete Mefitis

These are all basically story related trophies. Complete each level in Arcade Mode or Single Level to unlock each trophy designated for each level. They can be earned on any difficulty.

Micromanagement – Silver

– Save two humans within a span of one second

This can be easily done on Acis. Destroy the first set of keepers and either hold on to the human or drop him off under the green escape marker. Next, play until the second set of keepers appear. Destroy them, pick up the next human and fly to the green escape pod that has your first human under it. Hover above the human on the ground and press L2 to toss the one you’re holding up into the escape pod. As soon as you do that quickly pick up the other human and deliver him.

How do I stop this thing?! – Silver

– Kill 50 enemies with one boost

To boost press L1. You’ll want to boost when there is a large group or groups of enemies around you. Press and hold L1 to boost through them all, destroying everything you can. Don’t let go of L1 until the meter runs out.

Congratulations on your driver’s license! – Bronze

– Reach the end-boss of any level using boost only

This can be done on any difficulty and any level. You can’t use your gun, Overdrive, or bombs to destroy any enemies. It’s also better to use your boost in short bursts rather than holding it and draining the meter completely. The meter will recharge quickly when using short bursts which will help in case you get surrounded.

O  to the D – Silver

– Kill 100 enemies during Overdrive

To use Overdrive press R1. This can be done during Arcade, where you’ll encounter more than enough situations where you will be able to get 100 kills. Another opportunity to unlock this is during the boss fight on Decima. When you damage it enough it will spawn a giant grey block. When the grey block appears use the Overdrive to destroy it and all the other little blocks that come off it.

Masterful dodger of revenge bullets and stuff alike – Silver

– Complete a level on Master difficulty

Master difficulty will unlock after you beat all the missions on Veteran. In this difficulty the enemies are stronger and will shoot back at you when they are destroyed. The first mission Acis is the easiest to complete. This is not too hard, just be mindful of the fireballs that are shot back at you when you destroy an enemy.

1CC – Gold

– Complete  Arcade mode without losing all lives, on Experienced difficulty

You will have to play Arcade Mode and complete all 5 missions without getting a gameover. If you get a gameover you will have to  start all the way over at the first mission. Make sure to save as many humans as possible to gain additional lives and bombs.

There is a way to make this easier and that is to play Co-op. If you die and get a gameover during a level but your partner beats it, you will come back with 2 lives and the trophy will still be obtainable.

Humanist – Gold

– Save all humans

There are 10 humans to be saved in each of the 5 levels and this can be done on any difficulty. You will have to complete the boss fight in order for the trophy to pop on each level. To save a human you must destroy all of the Keepers that spawn together. After they are destroyed, the human will be freed. Fly into them to pick them up and fly them to the escape pods with the green arrows under them. The female voice will let you know when Keepers are coming. They will have a green aura around them to distinguish them from other enemies. There is a short time limit on how long some of the Keepers will be on the map so as soon as they spawn make sure to destroy them all. Once a human is free they’re not out of danger yet, they can be abducted if left alone for too long or if you shoot them they can be shot off the map.

There are a few different groups of keepers. Some will spawn, go through a track and then leave, killing the human. Others will spawn and stay on the map. Then there are some tricky ones. They will come in a group but you must destroy them in order. One will be marked green while the others are red. Once you destroy a green Keeper another will turn from red to green. These types come in the later levels.

The other way required to free humans is to have a high enough multiplier. No keepers will spawn but if your multiplier is high enough you’ll hear a little noise and then a human will be freed. So make sure to always have high multipliers when attempting these human related trophies.

Denied! – Bronze

– Save a human from Abductor’s beam

Free a human but don’t pick it up. Let it run around for a while and eventually an abductor will come and pick it up. Once you see that happening destroy the abductor. You will be notified by the female voice when this is happening. “Human in danger” is what you need to listen for.

Savior of Acis – Bronze

– Save all humans on Acis

See the trophy Humanist for more details.

Savior of Ceres – Bronze

– Save all humans on Ceres

See the trophy Humanist for more details.

Savior of Decima – Bronze

– Save all humans on Decima

See the trophy Humanist for more details.

Savior of Febris – Bronze

– Save all humans on Febris

See the trophy Humanist for more details.

Savior of Mefitis – Bronze

– Save all humans on Mefitis

See the trophy Humanist for more details.

Savior – Bronze

– Save a human

See the trophy Humanist for more details.

(1+4)x – Bronze

– Get a multiplier of 5x

See the trophy (10+1.5+3.5)x for more details.

(5+5)x – Silver

– Get a multiplier of 10x

See the trophy (10+1.5+3.5)x for more details.

(10+1.5+3.5)x – Gold

– Get a multiplier of 15x

Multipliers are gained by killing enemies quickly. If you take too long inbetween kills you’ll lose your multiplier. Grabbing a human and saving a human won’t add to your multiplier but will preserve it, giving you a few extra seconds before it’s lost. The difficulties in the game do have limits to how high your multiplier can get. Rookie is 5x, Experienced is 10x and Veteran is 15x. The quickest way to get to 15x is to play Decima in Arcade on Veteran. Play through the level trying to have around 10x or 11x by the end. Now, during this boss battle, shoot it until it spawns out a giant grey cube. Destroy all the pieces of the grey cube before fighting the boss. Blowing up the pieces will add to your multiplier. After the grey cube and its pieces are gone shoot the boss. It will spawn 3 of these giant cubes over the span of the boss battle. Because it’s a boss fight you wont lose the multiplier if you take too long. However, if you die you will lose the multiplier. If, by the end of the battle you still don’t have 15x (you should be very close), play into the next level to reach 15x.

Let fly! – Bronze

– Throw a human to the escape pod

Just as you are entering the green beam from the escape pod while carrying a human, press L2.

Pilot of Ferox – Bronze

– Complete the game with Ferox

Select Ferox as your ship and complete the entire Arcade Mode. You have to beat all 5 missions in order. This can be done on any difficulty.

Pilot of Nemesis – Bronze

– Complete the game with Nemesis

Select Nemesis as your ship and complete the entire Arcade Mode. You have to beat all 5 missions in order. This can be done on any difficulty.

Pilot of Phobos – Bronze

– Complete the game with Phobos

Select Phobos as your ship and complete the entire Arcade Mode. You have to beat all 5 missions in order. This can be done on any difficulty.

To the max! – Bronze

– Fully upgrade the ship

This trophy is unlocked when both Fire and Power are completed. They most both be completed in the same playthrough.

Fire – Bronze

– Fully upgrade the main gun

The main gun is upgraded by collecting the green power up signs (they are a + sign). These will drop during each level. Destroy the outer shell and fly into the green + to collect them.

Power – Bronze

– Fully upgrade the overdrive

To upgrade the Overdrive you’ll need to save humans. Whenever you are given the opportunity to save them, do it. You don’t need every human but you will have to get a good majority of them.

Thank you for using our guide! If you have any questions regarding this guide or would like to provide some tips feel free to contact me on Twitter@9Richard19, as well as in the comments below.