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Best Sony E3 Moments: PS4 No DRM, Original PlayStation, and Much More

June 6, 2014Written by Alex Co

Sony E3 Press conference2

PlayStation Goes Portable

The PlayStation Portable was announced to be in development at E3 2003, but its formal reveal came a year later on May 11, 2004 at Sony’s E3 presser. While the PSP could be argued as both a failure and a success, the mere fact that it survived against whatever Nintendo portable it was up against  is an achievement onto itself — something almost no other device can claim at the time.

Regardless of how you feel about the PSP or the PS Vita, it’s certainly a hallmark moment for the PlayStation brand, and for this, it warrants a spot on our list.

(The full Sony 2004 E3 press conference is embedded above, with Kaz handling the hosting duties. PSP reveal starts at the 38:45 mark).

Killzone 2 “Demo” Amazes and Crushes Dreams

Arguably the most famous E3 demo to ever grace the gaming landscape. Who can forget E3 2005’s Killzone 2 “gameplay” demo that left many people speechless? Back then, the video was used to showcase just how powerful the PS3 was going to be compared to the PS2, but no one was prepared to see what Sony had in store.

Of course, after the dust has settled, we know now that the demo itself was not actual gameplay but a tech demo. Not to discount how good Killzone 2’s visuals are back then, but it’s nowhere near close to the now infamous tech video. However, even with that point taken against Sony, it essentially “won” that year’s E3 and all it took was one trailer.

Metal Gear Solid 2 Infiltrates E3 and Blows Everyone Away

If there’s any trailer that can surpass the infamous Killzone 2 “demo” in terms of hype, then that just might be Konami’s E3 2000 video for Metal Gear Solid 2. When Konami showed off MGS2 for the PS2 at the event, it literally left people in awe at what can be achieved then. The trailer was so popular that screenings were needed to accommodate everyone who wanted t0 see the 9-minute footage. Bear in mind that back then, live-streams and the like weren’t the norm.

Even after 14 years, MGS2 still looks good; and could very well be the best trailer Hideo Kojima has ever conceived.

PS4 “No DRM” Takes Center Stage

In what could possibly be one of the most talked about E3 presentations in years, Sony rocked E3 2013 when it announced that it won’t be following Microsoft’s route and implementing a DRM system in place for the PS4. Not only was this met with applause, but even hoots and chants of”Sony! Sony!” came roaring in from the attending press. Years ago, who’d have thought being able to lend your games hassle-free would be the main catalyst in Sony “winning” its press conference showdown against Microsoft, no?

And just to emphasize how much of an impact it’s made, Microsoft went back on its original vision for the Xbox One and up to this day, is still mending whatever damages its initial plan sowed for the platform.

Also shown is a bonus clip, a PS4 “instructional video” where Sony Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida shows us how easy it is to lend games on the PS4. To date, it has over 14 million views since it was released last year.

Original PlayStation and “$299” Reveal Trumps All

Topping of our list is not only the original PlayStation’s reveal, but also, the first-ever E3. Just a bit of a reference before you watch the video. Years and years ago, the videogame industry was ruled by Nintendo and SEGA. This was the time when cartridges were the medium used for games, and SEGA was still producing hardware.

In 1995, SEGA tried to drop a megaton on everyone attending by revealing that the SEGA Saturn would launch “tomorrow,” or the day after its E3 reveal, and would cost $399. This announcement might have fared better if not for Sony’s counter-attack. During its press conference, then-SCEA president Steve Race comes up on stage and and just utters “$299” before stepping down. This is, of course, a reference to the PS1’s price, which is $100 cheaper compared to its closest competitor.

Needless to say, the price, coupled with the PS1’s superior tech specs in handling 3D, was enough for Sony to not only penetrate the videogame market, but also to change the gaming landscape forever.


Do you agree with our picks? What’s your most memorable Sony E3 moment? Sound off and let us know if we missed something in the comments.

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