PS4 Media Player Update 2.50 Tomorrow Adds PSVR, FLAC Support

October 12, 2016Written by Jason Dunning


Tomorrow, October 13, Sony will release PlayStation 4 Media Player update 2.50, which adds support for 360° videos and photos using PlayStation VR. By using PSVR with the Media Player, you’ll be able to activate VR Mode from the Media Player’s Options menu, select your video or photo from your media server or USB device, and then view it in full 360°.

As Sony adds, “To enjoy 360° media on PlayStation VR, any supported video (MKV, AVI, MP4, MPEG2 PS , MPEG2 TS, AVCHD) or photo (JPEG, BMP, PNG) files must be captured in equirectangular format by a 360° omnidirectional camera.” You can see an example of an equirectangular video image above.

In addition to the PSVR support, update 2.50 also includes support for High-Res (FLAC) audio files. On top of this, your non-FLAC music will be upscaled to “near high-resolution audio quality.” Sony says the upscaling is thanks to their DSEE HX technology, which automatically upscales MP3 and AAC files, making them sound much richer.

The previous major PS4 Media Player update, 2.00, landed in June with accessibility features.

If you’re planning on picking up PlayStation VR tomorrow, you can learn more about the launch games over here.

[Source: PS Blog]