The Playroom VR Update Today Adds the Free Toy Wars DLC

February 1, 2017Written by Jason Dunning


A free download from the PlayStation Store (North America, Europe), the Toy Wars DLC for The Playroom VR lets you jump into a turret and defend the bedroom from an alien invasion.

“The name is Toy Wars,” Sony’s Nicolas Doucet said. “It’s a four-player, cooperative, tower defense style game set in a base under the bedroom of our hero. You must shoot and smash waves of enemies coming at you without the VR player getting hit a single time. And as with other games in The Playroom VR, you can play Toy Wars alone in VR or with up to three extra friends helping you on the television. The player wearing the VR headset has different goals and objectives to those playing on the TV.”

The person wearing the VR headset becomes a classic action hero placed on a swivel chair, and uses the DualShock 4 as a Gatling gun to fire soft plastic bullets at the aliens. Everyone else playing on the TV becomes a big mech that uses punches and a charge attack to fight off the invasion.

Sony also released a new The Playroom VR update today, which brought support for the new DLC and various improvements to the main game. Since the update included the DLC files, Toy Wars itself is only a 1.5MB download.

Three new Bronze Trophies were added for the DLC, and they ask you to defeat the aliens, lose to the aliens, and destroy a bomb, taking out 5 enemies along with it.

If you haven’t grabbed The Playroom VR yet, it’s also a free download from the PlayStation Store (NA, EU).

Until February 7, PlayStation Plus members can save on a variety of PSVR games through the North American PlayStation Store.

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