Horizon Zero Dawn Week 1 Saw Players Kill Over 152M Watchers and Over 1.4M Thunderjaws

March 13, 2017Written by Zarmena Khan


Horizon Zero Dawn Director, Mathijs de Jonge, has revealed some interesting stats from the game’s first week of release, which saw players hunting and killing quite a bit, to say the least.

We’re told that over 152 million Watchers were killed, over 1.4 million Thunderjaws were butchered, and over 20 million Turkeys were hunted down. When a fan asked how many foxes were killed, de Jonge unsurprisingly answered with “millions.”

We’ve also learned that Horizon Zero Dawn‘s weapons included guns during its early development phase but were removed as they didn’t seem to fit in.

In response to a separate tweet, de Jonge revealed that Guerrilla Games is looking into the possibility of making pre-order DLC available for purchase on the PlayStation Store at a later point in time. However, he also said that the studio can’t promise anything.

Are any of our readers still playing the game?

[Source: Mathijs de Jonge (Twitter)]