PlayStation Certified


Sony Looking to Expand PlayStation Suite

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PSP Comics No Longer Updating, Service Coming to “Other Sony Devices”

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Xperia PLAY Review

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PLAY This – Xperia Play Launch Titles Reviewed

What you should and shouldn’t be PLAYing on the Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY.

Xperia Play Available for Purchase Off-Contract in the US, for A Steeper Price

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Xperia Play Available for Pre-Order in the US This Week

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“This is Just the Start” – Sony Ericsson Talks Xperia PLAY Launch, US Market and Their PlayStation Partnership

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PlayStation Certified Tablets Officially Announced by Sony

First-ever tablets to feature PlayStation Suite. Pretty sweet, eh?

Gameloft - Xperia Play

Gameloft’s Xperia Play Line-up Shown on Video

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PlayStation Suite Coming To Tegra 2 Devices

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NGP, Xperia PLAY, And Now A PlayStation Tablet?

Sony’s iPad killer…

Xperia Play Gaming Exclusively with Sony Computer Entertainment

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